Another Year Another Blog Post

The pages of this blog hold information for each of my current classes as well as archived classes that I have previously taught. If you are using this blog to find handouts or the syllabus for your own class, check the tabs along the top to make sure that you find the correct class page. They should be labelled with year, school, and class number (like FullColl 2015 Eng 60 or ELAC 2014 Eng 100). FullColl is shorthand for Fullerton College–which you probably already know. Always read the announcements along the top of your class’s page before scrolling down to find something. I often leave tips and reminders on the announcements. I can’t wait to start another great semester and I look forward to meeting you!


My first blog post: Moving Toward Social Justice

Staring at a computer screen full of possibilities is far more daunting than staring at a blank piece of paper–especially considering this post may have an audience. The current theme of my class is rhetoric and social justice. We are exploring questions like, “Can rhetoric move a community toward social justice?” I like the idea that my students (likely you, reading this now, are one of them) may start a blog and use their rhetoric, whether visual or verbal, to move their communities toward justice, in whatever form that may take.

Perhaps my own blog may start a conversation that leads to further investigation of our communities, of our nation, of our world. Perhaps those investigations will lead to action. And perhaps those actions will lead to a better world. Or maybe just cause a lot of disillusionment and cynicism. Only time will tell.